Kildonan Co-ed Softball League

Western Canada's Largest Co-ed Slo-Pitch League

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All games for today are on

If bad weather occurs please call 204-654-2255 or check back to this web site at after 4:30 for a further update



We can still squeeze a few more teams in


^^ Please look up ^^ for to see if games are on today ^^



We can still squeeze a few more teams in


125 teams confirmed so far


Please email the League at for details of to enter a team



Tuesday- Thursday Schedules for all of May and Monday- Wednesday schedules for week 1 are now online



Remaining May Schedules for Monday- Wednesday will be  released out no later than May 6th as we may have some teams wanting to join the League


Teams owing league fees:


We will be listing drop off times on the web site once the season starts or you can Etransfer to


In message to recipient please state your Team Name

Please use as a password: Softball




24th annual Preseason Classic Slo-pitch Tournament


Saturday, April 29th


Little Mountain Sportsplex


Coed (6 & 4)


$275.00 entry fee- no gate fee


3 Games Guaranteed


Game balls and Ump Fees included in entry fee


Open and Rec Divisions available if we have enough teams


To enter email







Remember to ALWAYS call the info line on game day to make sure all games are on


(204) 654-BALL



We most times can update the web site at a moments notice if need be but we guarantee we can update the line any time


Please give this number to ALL players as is easier for one player to make one phone call then one player (captain) having to make 10—14 calls



To contact the League please email us at for more details




REMINDER: Scorecards:


Scorecards supplied by the umpire, but the winning team must bring in scorecard immediately  after game/s to the scorecard tray at Boston Pizza Regent Lounge beside the bulletin board next to the washrooms for all City diamonds except games at Northwood and Old Ex  where Umpires will turn in cards and call in scores. Games at Buhler Park must bring to scorecard bucket at concession area immediately after game/s or risk forfeit.




Why are all rainouts on rainout weekends?


We often get questions like “Why are makeup’s on weekends?” or “Can’t you just schedule us the makeup game on week when we only play once?”  or “Start or end the season a week later?”


The answer is simple…we take enough teams to accommodate the number of diamonds and umpires we have available. We can not add games to the week day schedule.





NEW Rules concerning illegal bats:


As of January 1st, 2012, Slo-Pitch National will be recognizing and accepting the New USSSA bat testing methods for use in the SPN program.


All 2012 USSSA Bats marked with the “NEW (1.20 BPF) USSSA STAMP ON THE TAPER OF THE BAT” will be allowed in the SPN program.


ALL new bats manufactured after January 1, 2012 “MUST CARRY THE NEW USSSA STAMP”.


SPN will also continue to use the 2000, 2004 ASA and ISF stamps and the Non Approved bat list.


The following link is picture view of the bat policy.


 The following is a statement released by ASA:


The Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA)/USA Softball, the National Governing Body of Softball in the United States, in working with Easton Baseball/Softball Inc. (Easton), announced today that Easton is voluntarily removing the following softball bat models from the ASA/USA list of certified bats: SCN1, SCN11BH, SCN1B, SCN2B, SCN3, SCN4B, SCN5, SCN5B, SCN6B, SCN7, SCN7B, SCN8, SCN8B, SCN9, SCX14, SCX14B, SCX24B, AND SCX3.

 Here is a link to the banned bats:



Online Rosters


Teams will no longer have “paper” Rosters. All players must register online and click to agree to waiver. Once registered and in the database players must log in each season and every time they are added to a new to click to agree to waiver. Please do not forget your password and username. If you change any info such as address or email address make sure to log in and update your info


Team Contacts: New Teams- Team contact with be notified once their team is in the database. Then add all players. If player has never registered with SPN You will need their first and last name and email address. The players will get an email notification from SPN and will complete their info and click on all waivers



Teams will now register their ROSTERS online through SPN at Every single

player must register online for EVERY Team they play or Spare on. Rosters will be frozen when July

schedule is released.  No Rosters will be handed out or signed like in past seasons


Step by step directions how to players register online


-Team MUST register IN PERSON at a registration meeting WITH A DEPOSIT before being added

to our League team list…Do NOT START a team list before registering in person with the League and

you receive the email from SPN to register your team


-Once team registers primary team contact will be sent an email with a link to register and set up

an account as a player and set up their team.


- Team contact will add all players with their email address and then they too will be sent an email

with a link to register and set up an account as a player


- All players must check off all boxes when setting up your account to agree to waiver


- All players WILL need an active email account- if a player doesn’t have a computer or email,

BORROW a team mates phone and create an email account then have captain add you then create

SPN account- it takes only a couple of minutes


- Once a player had an active SPN account, it takes a click of a button to add a player to your team as

the player account is a once time deal as long as the player keeps the same active email address. A

player must be on THAT team roster to play for THAT team


- Data base is PRIVATE so players can not view other player’s info. Only the League will have access to all team Rosters






PLEASE use garbage cans at all diamonds as we received complaints from community centers regarding the amount of garbage left out


There have been a record amount of teams caught with alcohol at city diamonds- We have a ZERO tolerance policy on this.


We received an email Monday from the City threatening to revoke our diamonds- If anyone on your team or on the your bench or playing area has alcohol ANYTIME on game day your team forfeits and must pay the other team their portion of the ump fees.


Please do NOT get upset at an ump for enforcing this as they are just are following League (and City Of Winnipeg) orders







Forfeits- will count as a game played with non-forfeiting team awards a 10-0 win (and 2 points in the standings) In the event of a forfeit. The non-forfeiting team will NOT pay umpire for that game. The League will pay the umpire and the forfeiting team will be responsible for reimbursing the League for FULL UMPIRE FEE ($30.00) with 7 days of forfeit or risk suspension)


This INCLUDES a team forfeiting during the game with open Liquor at City Diamonds OR at Buhler Park for outside Liquor. If a team forfeits a game at Buhler Park in which their opponents were at the Park for only one game that day they will be fined an additional $30 which will go directly to opponents to cover gate fees of the team.


If a team contacts the League with a courtesy call a minimum of 24 hours before game time to forfeit a game so we can contact the opponents and the umpire, they will not be responsible for Umpire Fees. If a team does give a courtesy call to forfeit, and the game/s end up being rained out, it will NOT be a forfeit, and will be rescheduled for the makeup weekend. If as team forfeits on a makeup date and it is rained out, it will NOT be rescheduled and still a forfeit



Outside Alcohol Policy Buhler Recreation Park

All people coming through the gate are subject to be checked for outside liquor

1. Anyone found in the park with outside alcohol, will have the alcohol confiscated and will be asked to leave the park immediately.

2. If outside alcohol is found on the players bench the game will be immediately Forfeited and the offending party will be asked to leave the park. IF no one takes responsibility for the liquor in question, the whole team will be asked to leave the park and will be forced to forfeit their games that day. A $100.00 fine will also be applied.

3. Drinking in the parking lots will result in loss of playing and spectating privileges at the park.

4. Depending on the circumstance, there will be an added suspension from the park and/or league and a fine of $100.00 willl be charged.

5. If caught during the game, the game is automatically forfeited and offending team must IMMEDIATELY reimburse their opponents the ump fees and give them $30.00 for gate fees (unless their opponents have another game that day in the park)

PLEASE REMEMBER- Buhler Park is a licensed facility. You can not bring your own liquor into Bomber Games, Jets games, concerts or bars and Buhler Park is no different. If you do not want to spend the money on a drink at Buhler Park, you are not forced to, simply play your game then LEAVE and go to where you want to consume your alcohol





For updates on game day conditions, as well as other updates  we are asking as many players as possible to join the Official Kildonan Coed Softball League Facebook Group






To Contact the League


Email us at







Join the official Kildonan Coed Softball League Group



If you are a team looking for players or a player looking for a team….go to our Facebook Group- you will need to ask to join group if not a member already

(It may take a day or two to be accepted)


If your team is folding or on the verge of folding due to lack of players but still want to play in the League, our Facebook group is the best way to hook up with other players or teams






Follow us on twitter



The Official Twitter Account of Kildonan Sports which operates the Kildonan Coed Slopitch League & the Kildonan Sponge Hockey League- updates on league info, events and field or rink conditions


There has been some confusion on the Strike zone mat rule. SPN has a rule in their rule book that we are NOT use. We use our rules in which the mat is 24 inches by 48 inches, if the ball hits the plate on a ball not swung at it is a BALL







Playing on multiple teams in League


Player can play on as many teams as they like as long as they have registered with that team online.. Any conflicting games the league will not hold up games for players (eg. League Tournament, make up games, playoff weekend).  The player must pick a team to play on. This rule is to make it fair for all teams so teams are not picking up players at diamonds on game days. To be eligible for playoffs a player must play a minimum of 8 games for THAT TEAM to play






Several teams are NOT bringing proper game balls to play with.


You may only use Worth HOT DOTS.


You can buy them at Home Run Sports, and even at Walmart.


Teams will FORFEIT is they don’t have the correct balls, so please pick some up if needed!!














Call 654-2255



Please support our League Sponsors:


Boston Pizza


Where you get 10% of your bill back in Boston Bucks and the top spending team wins great prizes at the end of the season. Team Pizzas and Team Pitchers of Beer on sale for the teams




Home Run Sports


Get all your ball gear at Home Run Sports






Home team must supply 2 playable game balls for all League games. Worth HOT Dots (white or optic yellow) are now the ball we are using.






A lot of games are getting cut short due to time limit or darkness. Please have team arrive early and warm up ahead of time. Please hustle on and off the diamond between innings. You are paying for 7 inning games, hustle so you can play 7 inning games.






Teams please remember when you are home team NOT at Buhler Park, you must supply and set up bases and strike zone mat. Home team is the team listed on the RIGHT HAND SIDE of your schedules


Home team at all diamonds must supply 2 playable game balls-

Worth Grey Dot (.40 core)  are acceptable